Twelve Legal Difference

We know that, for clients, the ideal law firm is one that not only provides quality legal advice and representation, but also has a complete understanding of the client’s business challenges, issues and economics, provides true value, is responsive and stays focused on the client’s commercial goals. For this purpose, Twelve Legal was created to be a law Firm that is truly different from all others and delivers to its clients what they really want from their lawyers.

At Twelve Legal, we are a client-centric Firm and want our clients to see us as collaborators who always listen to and work together with them, to achieve their commercial objectives. In dealing with every client, our aim is to always be dynamic, accessible and responsive; and provide practical and commercially sensible advice that provides true value to the client.

To achieve this aim, we work towards understanding how the client’s business works and how its legal issues affect its work, stay focused on the client’s commercial goals and ultimately ensure that the client is always exposed to the benefits of our expertise and experience.

We also understand the importance of relationships and leverage on our extensive network of Firms across the Federation of Nigeria and outside Nigeria, in order to ensure that we provide truly holistic legal solutions to our clients.

Our aim is for our client’s relationship and interaction with us to be an experience. This is the “Twelve Legal Difference”