Dispute Resolution


Our Dispute Resolution practice generally covers the areas of arbitration and litigation of a wide range of commercial and other disputes, which cut across several sector areas.


Our specialism in this area includes advising on all aspects of arbitration law and practice – right from the drafting of the arbitration clause in a contract or the submission agreement to final hearing of disputes and beyond, including oral advocacy.

In advising and representing clients, our aim is always to achieve resolution quickly and efficiently; and to minimise the impact of a dispute in the clients’ business.

Our experience includes advising and representing clients in both international and domestic commercial arbitrations, whether institutional or ad-hoc.

Our arbitration practice is designed to cover every commercial sector where arbitration is commonly adopted, including banking & finance, commodities, construction, employment, energy, engineering, insurance, oil & gas, shipping & international trade and telecommunications.

We also secure clients’ positions after an award is made by the arbitrator(s), and our team is experienced in dealing with both domestic and international arbitration award enforcement and challenge proceedings in the Nigerian courts.


Every transaction carries with it the inherent risk of a dispute; and every successful business requires lawyers that can effectively pre-empt legal issues that may surface, take appropriate steps to minimise their effect and then provide effective representation when a dispute arises.

We assist our clients with pre-emptive advice on potentially contentious aspects of their commercial transactions. In the event of a dispute, we give our clients business-ready advice that enables them approach a dispute with the confidence that we will give them the most practical and beneficial resolution. Our Litigation practice covers corporate and commercial disputes before the Federal and State High Courts, including statutory Tribunals, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Nigeria.